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Writing Off South America for Luxury Solo Female Travel? Not so Fast!

At Travel with Abeona we understand that Solo travel is an expanse of self-discovery and exhilarating independence that many crave. But if you’re a woman, is your choice to wander seen through rose-tinted sunglasses or more like peering over your shoulder, with a wary glance at every stranger?

As a seasoned solo voyager, I’ve been to the corners of the earth known for their hospitality and to those with a less inviting reputation. And when I think of safety, my mind often wanders back to my trip to Buenos Aires—an escape that shattered the myth of South America as a perilous patchwork for the lone female traveler.

Here’s why luxury, wanderlust, and the reality of solo exploration in Argentina are not just compatible—they’re spectacular.

Ditch the Danger: Safe Solo Female Travel Through Adventures in Argentina

It’s so easy to blanket an entire map with red ‘no-go’ zones. “South America? Too risky,” some might say. “Western Europe is safe,” others nod in unanimous agreement. But where do facts end and stereotypes begin? My luxury travels have always been marked by meticulous planning and risk mitigation. My trip to Buenos Aires and Iguazú on the borders of Brazil and Paraguay might well have carved themselves as one of my safest voyages yet.

The Sanctuary of Sophistication

Staying at five-star hotels like the Gran Meliá Iguazú and the Sofitel in Buenos Aires, did I feel the looming shadow of danger? Not once. These spaces were not just remarkable for their luxury, but their impenetrable aura of security. The staff were my invisible guardians, their service extending beyond my comfort to my absolute safety.

One-Woman Expedition in Iguazú

Three nights spent at the Iguazu Falls defy the misconception of hidden dangers in the realm of nature’s magnificence. My immersive experience began with exploring the trails of the Nature Reserve, followed by a thrilling helicopter ride over the Falls from the Brazil side. Gazing at the Cataratas,one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, from various perspectives at my hotel on the Argentine side, filled me with a sense of freedom and peace, not fear. 

Rethinking Risk Through the Lens of Luxury

When we travel, we expect to be transported. Our bodies occupy new lands, but our minds often remain trapped by preconceptions and opinions based on fear. The luxury I found was not just in the amenities, or the exclusivity—it was in the liberation from this fear. Luxury, in this sense, did not insulate me from the reality of my surroundings, but it provided a backdrop where I could engage with and gauge that reality for myself.

Exploring Buenos Aires: A Patchwork of Reliable Paths

The streets of Buenos Aires were not traps, but stages that had hosted the chronicles of countless other travelers, both solitary and in the company of others. The subtext of safety was clear: your experience here is as safe as you allow it to be, as is the case anywhere in the world.

Community and Camaraderie in Solo Journeys

It’s not just the prestige of the place but the people that paint the picture of safety. I forged fleeting connections with fellow wanderers sharing anecdotes and advice. By tapping into this community, I rediscovered that as a solo female traveler, I was not alone. The luxury of these interactions lies in their ability to cast off the shroud of isolation, making the world smaller and significantly more navigable.

A Final Set of Footnotes on a Solo Woman Traveling Safely

It’s worth noting that my words aren’t to be misconstrued as an invitation to abandon caution. I am not implying that you should leave your door unlocked, your phone on a cafe table, or your bag unattended – actions you wouldn’t take anywhere in the world! Instead, we must redefine what it means to be cautious. Luxury solo female travel affords the benefit of honing our instincts, allowing us to draw from a well of experience that many may not get the chance to fill.

Concluding in Confidence, Not Cautiousness

The fabric of luxury travel is so intricately woven with threads of safety that by the end of my Argentine escapade, I found it impossible to untangle them from the enriching experiences themselves. Whilst acknowledging that certain areas of the world pose risks, generalizing an entire continent is unjust and may lead to missing out on truly amazing adventures!

As a fellow luxury solo female traveler, I encourage you to throw off those preconceived fears that might keep you from the world’s hidden gems. The adventure of Argentina taught me a truth that’s worth more than the lavish trappings of my travels: the safety you seek when you wander alone often resides within the strength and wisdom you carry.

At Travel with Abeona, we offer a range of luxury travel experiences for women travelling alone.

To begin your luxury solo female travel journey get in contact with our team of luxury travel planners by email and we’ll be in touch to hear all about your trip so you can stop dreaming and start planning. 

Written by:

Clare Westwood, Founder of Travel with Abeona, Luxury Travel Expert – empowering women to become fearless global explorers.

Travel with Abeona is a luxury travel planning service dedicated exclusively to supporting female travellers wishing to journey alone but without compromising on style.

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