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Solo travel is liberating. Soul-stirring. Enriching. Empowering.

You alone make the rules. Free to roam, revel, relax and recharge as and when you need.  Luxury female solo travel, is the ultimate no compromise experience. Pure indulgence. 

Read our stories, insights and advice designed to help you embrace the freedoms of solo travel. Travel with Abeona and let yourself, go....


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Woman taking a rest on vacation at the sea.

Rest and Travel

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Woman travelling solo at an airport waiting for her flight to depart.

Why I love the airport when travelling solo.

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Solo female traveller jumps off a pontoon into the ocean.

Solo Female Travel does not mean a “Single” Female Travelling Alone  

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Female explorer stood atop a mountain looking across the valley.

Badass Female Explorers and Travellers

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Luxury female traveler at Iguazú Falls National Park Argentina.

Writing Off South America for Luxury Solo Female Travel? Not so Fast!

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Solo female traveller enjoys amazing view at. luxury travel destination.

The Solo Revolution: How Solo Travellers are Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel

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