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The Solo Revolution: How Solo Travellers are Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel

In recent years, a remarkable trend has been sweeping the luxury travel industry – the rise of solo travellers. 

Whether driven by a quest for adventure, self-discovery, or simply the allure of solitude, solo travellers are making their presence known.  

Among them, solo female travellers are emerging as a formidable force, influencing the way we explore the world, especially in the realm of luxury travel.

At Travel with Abeona, we know first hand solo travel is no longer a niche trend; it’s a significant market reshaping the luxury travel sector. 

In this article, we’ll delve into how these intrepid solo adventurers are reshaping the future of luxury travel.

Cruise Lines 

Cruise lines were perhaps one of the first travel providers to have observed the shift in occupancy requirements and significantly respond to the changing demands from the influential solo travel market.

National Geographic‘s Abigail Butcher reports “one of the fastest growing markets for solo travel is cruising” and “Planet Cruise recently released data to show a 36% increase in solo cruises in 2023”. 

By building ships with single cabins and introducing activities and hosts specifically for independent travellers, luxury liners are adapting to meet the needs of the solo travel demographic.

Luxury solo female travel 

The penny has dropped. Luxury solo female travel is an influential revenue stream.

Business Insider’s Mark Ellwood highlights how the hospitality industry is capitalising on the rise of luxury solo female travellers. 

Many luxury brands are now shifting perspectives and recognising the value of solo female spend. Solo female travellers often travel frequently and with a significant budget. 

In a bid to retain returning, loyal customers,  luxury hotel chains are no longer penalising luxury solo travellers and are beginning to waive single supplement charges. 

Furthermore, hotels are now offering experiences tailored to the solo female. So, you no longer need to have a partner in order to celebrate love and life. You can absolutely do it on your own and in style.  

Female business travellers 

According to Restaurant Online’s Lorraine Heller, hotels are increasingly focusing on meeting the needs of female business travellers. 

Historically, within the business sector, catering to the female market has meant making improvements to health, fitness and beauty – with gyms, menus and toiletries being the focus of improving “female” travel.

The female business traveller experience however goes far deeper than providing a more luxurious hand lotion or new snazzy gym equipment. 

Thankfully, hotels are maturing and listening to what their female customers demand from a luxury business travel experience.  

Women travelling alone want to feel “secure, comfortable, empowered and valued” – we don’t generally want to be given the creepiest room furthest away from life and humanity, or feel uneasy navigating dark corridors late at night. 

In response, hotels are implementing safety measures, such as well-lit corridors and female-only floors, to cater to this demographic’s specific needs. 

A good start

More can still be done, but it is a good start. 

In conclusion, solo travellers, and solo female travellers in particular, are exerting a profound influence on the luxury travel sector. They’re driving changes in accommodations, personalised experiences, safety measures, and customer retention marketing strategies. 

As their numbers continue to rise, the travel industry is adapting to cater to the needs and preferences of these dynamic and independent travellers, shaping the future of luxury travel.

So, if you’ve ever considered embarking on a solo adventure, know that you’re not alone – you’re part of a growing movement that’s reshaping the world of luxury travel, one journey at a time.

At Travel with Abeona, we offer a range of luxury travel experiences for women travelling alone.

To begin your luxury solo female travel journey get in contact with our team of luxury travel planners by email and we’ll be in touch to hear all about your trip so you can stop dreaming and start planning. 

With thanks to our three sources –  Abigail Butcher (National Geographic), Mark Ellwood (Business Insider), Lorraine Heller (Restaurant Online)

Written by:

Clare Westwood, Founder of Travel with Abeona, Luxury Travel Expert – empowering women to become fearless global explorers.

Travel with Abeona is a luxury travel planning service dedicated exclusively to supporting female travellers wishing to journey alone but without compromising on style.

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