Adrenalin Fuelled Self Care: Adventure Travel

Luxury female solo travel looks different for each and every one of us. 

At Travel with Abeona, we know each woman and each trip is very, very unique.

What we seek from our travel experiences is hugely personal. Our circumstances and what is going on in our lives will have an impact on the type of trip we embark on and what we hope to get out of it emotionally, spiritually and physically. 

Solo female travel is no longer for the archetypal single young female. Women of all ages and relationship status are embarking on solo adventures. Married, divorced, widowed, have a partner, single.  Our relationship status is irrelevant. Women are leaving partners, family, friends and loved ones behind to take time out for themselves. 

Some trips are designed purely to recharge the batteries. Step away from the hectivity of daily life and create space to just be, without being needed, to bring stress levels down. Create an executive lily pad. A short break to boost energy levels and maintain focus for high achieving careers. We often think of these trips as part of our self care and wellbeing – calm, quiet, gentle, restorative, revitalising. 

Yet wellbeing and self care has started to take on many guises. 

In addition to the holistic practices associated with wellbeing such as yoga, nature bathing, and wellness spa retreats, more and more high performing executive females are turning to adrenaline fuelled downtime as part of their selfcare.  

A recent article by in the Financial Times  shares how high achieving female executives are embracing high octane adventures and dangerous thrills as part of their solo travel. Leisure time is being taken up with skydiving, conquering Mount Everest, racing, base jumping… It seems it is not just the menfolk who are in pursuit of leaving their comfort zone as part of their time out as a means to recharge.  

Further, The Guardian ‘s Wild Women article talks of an increased appetite for all-women outdoor adventures and cites a number of organisations that now tailor to the evolving needs of women – hiking, wild camping, cycling, survival, wilderness and wildlife expeditions. 

In a review of the impact and Influence of women in Adventure Travel, the Adventure travel trade Association talks confirms the strength of the adventure travel market “Women comprise 57% of respondents’ clients on average, showing a clear demand for adventure travel..” but also talk of how the sector needs to adapt to the needs of women taking part in adventure travel  “Many organizations are taking actions to address the specific needs of women travelers, particularly hiring women guides, ensuring proper gear, offering products on trips that women request, and having women-only trips”.

Women are getting braver, bolder when looking at experiences. We think in part this is due to the confidence women are accruing via solo travel.  With each trip, confidence grows and so the next trip is more challenging, more demanding and in time one becomes hooked on the buzz and rush of adrenaline sports and adventures so they are now regular pastimes.

We’re not just challenging ourselves but many of the stereotypes that surround our gender and solo female travel. 

Whether or not you are a woman tentatively exploring, on her first adventure travelling alone as a woman, or you have more trips under your belt, are more fearless and are seeking a higher degree of solo pursuits and adrenaline. 

Luxury female solo travel is what you make of it. You alone make the rules. 

To begin your 2024 self care journey, get in contact with our team of luxury travel planners by email and we’ll be in touch to hear all about your trip so you can stop dreaming and start planning. 

With thanks to our three sources – Oliver Balch (FT), Phoebe Smith (Guardian), Heather Kelly (Adventure and Travel Trade Association)

Written by:

Clare Westwood, Founder of Travel with Abeona, Luxury Travel Expert – empowering women to become fearless global explorers.

Travel with Abeona is a luxury travel planning service dedicated exclusively to supporting female travellers wishing to journey alone but without compromising on style.

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